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It's a pleasure to have you visit my website! 

I live in Bern, Switzerland and partly in Asia. Jael, Chris and Laurence accompany me as closest companions on my path and I'm very thankful for them!

I'm deeply thankful for a few wonderful close friends and many others who are in one or another way part of my life's story. 

Working interculturally is a passion and pleasure and I'm very blessed to have been able to travel to many countries, meet and experience friendship and co-work with a multitude of people from all over the world. In the past years I've worked with pastors, business men and women, police officers, doctors, students and teachers in universities and colleges, volontary workers, CEO's etc.

I'm passionate about social justice, searching for inner peace and my spiritual journey. I love reading, sports, discovering new cultures and flavors of life. Books and sports are a big thing. 


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