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A person in distress

I had a very saddening experince yesterday on my trip from Phnom Penh to Bangkok. Sitting next to me was a young Cambodian or Laotian girl. She had never flown and I realised she was very scared and nervous the moment we started taxiing. When the food tray came she had no idea how to eat the packaged snacks and foods. I helped her and when we landed I showed how to unbuckle the seatbelt. She then held my arm and looked terrified. I asked where she was going and she said she doesn't know. Then I saw a man two rows behind me observing me angrily. The young girl (I guess she wasn't older than 15years of age) kept looking at him. On the bus to the terminal she asked me to help her as she didn't know where to go. Her english was very poor but I am quite sure she was being traffiked on. She mentioned that she has to take a bus to Pattaya. At immigration I asked the officer to call the police. By the time they came and I had alerted her the man following the girl was through immigrations and had disappeard with the girl. It was difficult trying to persuade the Thai police what my suspicion was but they said they see this happen often. It has haunted me today thinking of the plight of this young girl and my heart and prayers go out to her and the millions of children and adults who are being held captive and are un-free! 


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