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Pushing limits

Those who push limits know that these sometimes push back. I have felt some of this push back in the past weeks running on reserve battery. But I am also aware that I'm not a victim of these set-back. Being alive implies that I'm ready to put a moment before the consequences this moment may have. Yes, that is risky and sometimes straightout silly but it allows me to live, to give it my all and to learn from reality rather than from the fear of action or inaction. 


A challenge I am currently accutely aware of is to build up and lightly hold courage and love to live today, knowing and facing tomorrow. My tendency is to take the courage to face the next bout of pain by functioning, being dutiful, being diligent. But more powerful is finding courage by allowing myself to love and be love and to connect with myself in such a way that it is respectful and enabling.

To explore this is my path I tenderly tread on. Falling and getting up, falling and getting up. 


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