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Wounded but loved

(Foto: Laurence Moser)
“What a big boy your are!”. “Be strong!”. Such and many other messages are conveyed to babies, kids and sometimes even to grown-ups. Many of us have been raised to be strong, to be resilient and to be tough. Early on I tried to convey (I don’t know if I was successful…) messages of positiv affirmation and love to my kids. I don’t tell my grandson that he should be big and strong. I’d rather him to grow up to be loving and enduring! Aware of our weakness yet embracing the seeds of healing growing in the very pain that we wish to erradicate.  
St. Francis said he wore a patched robe because he wanted to appear to others exactly as he was on the inside—wounded and weak—as we all are if we are honest. He had faced his broken self and it was precisely there that he met the most unconditional of loves. (R. Rohr)

When I try to be strong, I see my pain and wounds as a hinderance or a deficit. But my wounds do not stop me from being more loving! One can be wounded and loved wounded and loving. My wounds (without enjoying or glorifying them) are an opportunity to embrace healing. 
Whilst it’s true that we are all dying, I desire to also embrace the process of eternal healing! 
It’s amazing what human connections occur when we act our of love and start seeing in others persons on a journey of healing. 
I had to go and have my hair shaved on Saturday as I was loosing more and more due to medication I am taking. The hairdresser was so sad when he realised why that he gave me a big discount and wrote me a get-well card. I felt very vulnerable as I walked out of the salon feeling naked but chose to be open about it - not to cover my head with a cap and to embrace my vulnerability. 


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