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The longest Journey

One of the longest journeys of my life has been (and continues to be) to learn to move my self-awareness from what we are thinking in our head to what we know, think and feel in my heart.

Consciousness is learning to accept the reality of mystery and everything. Learning to see with my inner eye which isn’t seeing things as I see them but as they are. But it’s actually more than seeing. Consciousness is about being seen. Knowing that we are known. 
To be fully conscious in it’s deepest consequence means accepting and loving everything. Loving the beauty and the dark. The pain and the pleasure. Loving the unknown and finding comfort in the known. 
I am far from living a conscious life. But I am on a journey to learn to go beyond thinking. Contemplation or quiet prayer helps move my awareness from my dualistic thinking and understanding to a deeper - heart level - of knowing. My longing to belong and to embrace life and then now is much stronger than my desire to understand. It’s not about one or the other - not about either understanding or belonging - but they go together. 
To love means to accept being seen, to fall into full consciousness. It's about fallng... to lose control. 
Contemplation is an alternative processing system. Attempting to “think without thinking”. To be and to be still. To let the connection with breath, the present, the moment, the source of life bring us into a level of being where our opinion, our experience doesn’t shape our being known. 


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