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Pleasure this pain

 All of me. I exist, feel, touch, hope, fear, enjoy, desire. I am one being.

Every part of my reality is a part of me.

For many years I experience pleasure as “me” and pain as “it”. I referred to pain in the third person.
If I want to be care-full, be generous, be loving with myself then there is no way around learning to love my pains. The emotional despair, the brokenness, the fears, the physical pain and discomforts.


But pain is part of me. It’s an energy. One of discomfort, but it’s authentic, revealing truth and worthy of love because it is connected to life.

Pain warns, heals and informs.

I don’t love what causes pain but that is a different matter.

When I act unloving and hard towards pain I inflict more suffering. Numbing the pain often makes it all the more powerful when it re-awakes.

Touching pain gently, cautiously, respectfully opens a path to see the light in dark night of suffering.

Pain seems to be attached to pleasure. Sometimes the rope is long till one finds the pleasure in pain.

 Kwamie Liv sings so beautifully:

“Can you love me. Can you love me despite the cracks?

Oh-oh baby, this pleasure, this pain.

Sometimes it hurts, sometimes it hurts

pleasure this pain…” 

My journey of learning to love pain has led me to a deeper, far more intense experience and sensation of pleasure. Intimacy has a new meaning. I have experience moments of deep physical pleasure in the midst of intense pain. Both feelings being a part of my reality. Complimenting each other. Dancing together – sometimes against each other but leading all the more to a passionate dance.

The energy in pain can destroy, it can burn me up but it can also set a passion on fire. 

Dare to explore it together with a person you love and trust! 
It’s not an easy path but one of great mystery and depth that will change you in wonderful ways. 

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