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Crossing Oceans

What the caterpillar calls the end 

the rest of the world calls a butterfly. Lao Tzu 


Beginnings and water are inter-wined.


Submersion into water in baptism is a symbol of dying to the old and being born into the new. Sprinkling water over somebody stands for powerful blessing as one embarks on a journey.


We had to cross many oceans to get to my new home in Dauli, PNG. I was just a few weeks old when we embarked on this long journey. Since that first trip I have spent months in the air crossing our magnificent planet earth. I marvel and continue to be fascinated by modern travel and the ability to cover large distances in such short time.


Yet, the greatest challenge is to take a step off shore and into the water. Leaving the secure firm ground, starting to walk on sand, feeling the first ripples of water on our feet and then slowly emerging into the cold.


New beginnings always start in our mind. We are blessed with the power to think beyond the known, the usual, regular patterns and to use our imagination to create a new arena in which we move and live. It's not always possible to put this plan into action - that is right. But if we don't start imagining and thinking of the journey to take, it most likely will not happen either.


Our soul needs the drop of water to remember the journey we haven’t embarked on yet.

The greatest limitation to experiencing pleasure in my life is fear hindering me from thinking of what starts when we bury the seed in the ground and that first phase of waiting, thinking we have been foolish to put our hope into the soil and cover it up. Waiting day by day, watering, pulling out weeds, anxiously hoping for something meaningful to become visible and grow. 

I am often scared that my life is just pulling out weeds. But when I plant seeds and pull out weeds then I am gardening my life and being scared has a meaning. It shows I’m daring to do something brave.


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