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Faith is often my bridge to cross a challenge. Faith in a loving JHWE. Faith in an outrageously gracious creator of the universe. Faith in love which covers multitudes of traits not worthy of listing. 


But faith is just the bridge. It's not the goal or end of the rope. When I focus on the bridge I see it wobbling, I see the heights and the planks I'm relying on to take me over a precipice. And I try and focus on the beauty of nature even as it aches and groans, I remind myself of light that allows and creates darkness, the strong trees and roots and ...




a useful gadget for travellers

I've started using KAYAK (iphone app store) on my iPhone 3G to plan trips, compare flight prices and review and book hotels... Can only recommend it


In Ghana and about faith

I'm in Ghana visiting a good friend together with my daughter and a swiss friend. We visited Kumasi and Cape Coast and spent a few days in Accra. What impresses me most is the traffic... cars everywhere. This is different to 3-4 years ago when I visited last. The effects of loans which are now available for purchasing goods is visible such as an overall improved economy. However the state of the roads eg to Kumasi and other areas is very poor with palpable consequences. 

Another thing that strikes me is the lack of tourism focus in attitude and interaction with tourists and business people. And thirdly I am struck by the vast and overwhelming ads for alcoholic beverages. Slogans hit us everywhere "live better with XXX"; "embrace your destiny with XXX" etc... We need to look into ways to counter these false and mis-leading messages.

Following the bus pictured below today I pondered the message "We have Jesus"... I have come to believe that experiences on my path to salvation are reoccuring and not a one-time experience. Being saved is one thing, but knowing it? Isn't it like trying to catch the wind? I know whether I have oxygen or not - but once I try and film, label and claim it - oops? But inspite of these questions, I don't question my need for salvation, forgiveness, grace and an unlimited amount of love I know JHWE showers on me.



Meeting BC Ghana



About faith

Albert Einstein said "The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger; who can no longer pause to wonder; or stand rapt in awe; is as good as dead. His eyes are closed." 


I love this quote. Faith is the initial opening of the heart. Faith is the longing gaze towards the unknown. The never giving up in hoping and keeping focus on the master of universe. Faith is breathing the presence of God and remembering who is and who wants to be. Faith reminds me of the promises of life - those fulfilled and those I long to experience. 


Captain of my soul

"It matters not how strait the gate, how charged with punishments the scroll, I am the master of my fate:I am the captain of my soul." Invictus


Thanks to a good friend for sharing this one with me today. It was Mandela´s poem which kept him going in the cell, and it is even more touching to read that it was written by a very seriously ill young man. 


I often wonder - what good can I do the world when I am feeling weak, in pain and "reduced". Not active and working and ... and so I try and remember that doing good to the world must not be in word and action but also in believing, loving, hoping and being present with the other weak, hungry, fighting, dying and living. 


beyond the next hill

I wrote this poem in a rather painful and dark night end 
of 2009 in room 32 of The Dewa, Koh Chang

Click to read more ...


Slowing down to see and taste and experience

I've started a new practice which is showing to be of great value: very slow reflection walks. This morning i covered less than 50m in the forrest in 30 minutes. I let my mind empty itself by letting thoughts flow into nothingness before inviting my mind to meet my heart and reconnect.

After this "warm-up" I sit 10 to 15 min contemplating and breathing the breath of JHWE. The next phase is to open up to where I am and to walk very slowly, feeling my soles of my feet, my ankles, my knees and up to my head, then I turn my attention outward to my environment to which I am connected and in a sense belong.

I start seeing  the forrest as many living organism, paying attention to the smell, sounds and sights. This is humbling, refreshing, healing and simply wonderful. 


Stormy weather

This foto suits to my mood... I took it after a tough meeting in Lesotho this year where I had to get a tough job done... 

I had flown from Asia to Maseru in 29h of travel on 4 planes and back (58h travel for 12h of meetings) and was spent. That day in Maseru there were two unusually strong thunderstorms, scary but fascinating!



Parties of the heart

Thoughts by Richard Rohr which touched me:

"Somewhere each day we have to fall in love, with someone, something, some moment, event, phrase, word, or sight.  Somehow each day we must allow the softening of the heart.  Otherwise our hearts will move inevitably toward hardness.  We will slowly become cynical without even knowing it—that's where too much of the world is trapped.

So create and discover the “parties of the heart,” the places where we can enjoy and taste the moment—the places where we can give of ourselves freely to what is right in front of us.  If you're not involved ingiving your thoughts, your emotions to others, "for-giving" reality, as it were, taking will usually take over.  One style or the other eventually predominates in almost everybody’s life."


Monday sabbatical

sleeping in 
going to the doc

recovering from the doc

enjoying a coffee in the sun

cooking lunch for my son



watching an episode of west wing

reading "The passage"


preparing dinner for the kids

eating out with my wife

overcoming a pain attack


a kind of typical sabbatical day... 



I have travelled to 35 countries in the past 5 years, averaged 1 flight per week, spent countless hours walking in Maseru, Bangkok, Oslo, Bern, Accra, Lome etc and tested coffee's in just as many places. But one trip stands out above or below all others. It was a visit to Chad in 2009. The oppressing and depressing poverty, daily struggle of many locals to find food, a meager income, shade from the relentless sun touched me. I remember the people of Chad daily as I choose a cheese amongst hundred cheeses in a normal supermarket, as I enjoy a refreshing swim in the Aare, as I enjoy the opulent riches in the west. And I feel compassion and helpless. 



I'm on a health and recovery time-out, sabbatical or as my son says "just not always working" time! What a privilege to have time to sleep in every day, encounter as major challenge the process of getting enough food for 4 people onto the table at lunch and dinner and late night when they should be in bed... 


So I'm trying not to work while being at home but online to the world. I'm trying have fun while going from therapy session to hospital and back; trying to think deep while just wanting to watch TV and read junk books and novels; trying to do nothing while normal life for my family goes on with cleaning, shopping, planning, etc.


But oh - it's wonderful! Watching West Wing series at 2pm or 2am, going for walks whenever I feel like, not accessing my outlook exchange - simply "sabbatalizing"!  


Thoughts on light and darkness, alone and togetherness

Life can be a rainbow - Life can be a bitch. I keep being mystified by the secrets and challenges of life.

When suffering overcomes me I hold onto the thought "I am not a victim of circumstances"... And when I am on the bright side and bathing in a short phase of success I remember "I am not the creator of circumstance!".

On this site I wish you let you have a glimpse of my daily life as colleague , friend, sick and sometimes healthy man. As director of an NGO and as father; as a searcher for peace and justice.


Welcome and please share your thoughts! 

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